Blogging on Medium is great but …

I gave up on my “branded” blog a while back under the banner of experimentation. It felt only fair that, working in an industry that attempts to convince clients to try every new platform out there, I should be doing the same. I was also struggling with Wordpress’ clunky CMS and Squarespace turned out to be the most abysmally bad experience ever despite their smart marketing campaigns. Add to that the realisation that nobody really clicks on your links to go to your blog anyway and you get why I was here.

Fast forward to today, I don’t think Medium is the answer. I love its interface and the ease with which I get to post. There is a level of gratification in seeing the likes and recommendations in real time and a definite level of “poshness” in being able to say “you can find me on Medium”. Medium does two thing well: fast gratification and simplicity both of which run the web as we know it today.

But here’s the thing: I blog and tweet and facebook for one simple reason: I want to express who I am. I share the links I share because they say something about my beliefs. I post baking photos on Facebook and follow cooking Tumblrs because I am a baker too. I instagram cities because I am in awe of the urban aesthetic of London and Berlin. I share super hero news because I love graphic novels and comics. Put all of those together and you get me.

What I would like is a space that can help bring all of ME in one place without too many troublesome plug-ins and too much coding knowledge. I want something white like Medium that updates like Medium, where I can drag and drop my Twitter feed and occasional Facebook posts, with a Personal/Business switch that lets people see what I believe in but also the kind of person I am.

That’s what I’m looking for. And Medium is not that.

Digital Strategist. The Internet will save the world (pending verification). Views expressed here are my own/should not be construed as coming from my employer.

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