Samsung needs to get into mainstream fashion

I am an Android girl. I like how the os moves, especially in pure implementations like the Nexus or the MotoX. Google-produced devices aside, I think Samsung is probably best at not messing with the os implementation too much, although The Samsung Magazine app on right swipe still annoys the hell out of me. For the rest, the device manufacturer understands they are just a nice container for an awesome platform. Which is good for me. So I buy Sasmsungs.

But here’s the problem with Samsung. It makes me feel bad about myself because I walk into any fashion store in this world and there are zero accessories for my Samsung phone.

H&M, &otherstories, COS, Moschino, Chanel, Valentino, MiuMiu, Prada. From the lowly to the mighty, all fashions brands have accessories that go with the iPhone. Cases, dangly things, bags with iPhone pockets, iPhone color matching technology, the world of fashion bends backwards to incorporate iPhones.

And then let’s talk about the other type of accessories: headphones, speakers, chargers, connectors, plugs, etc. Those with a jack might work for any type of phone, but really the ones that work with the iPhone are always better. Better design, better colors, better materials.

Now, why is that I ask you? Do you think that designers and fashion brands are simply sooo in love with iPhones that they have decided to pay hommage? Maybe, although there’s multiple celebs out there who endorse Android devices so surely, you’d wanna cater to those too. Is it market share? Clearly not. Android devices outnumber iPhones 3 to 1 last time I checked and Samsung is the no.1 sold Android powered brand. Is it that people with iPhones have more cash to spend? Maybe, although seeing that the iPhone is the upgrade device du jour (meaning most people will get one for free if they stay with their network), I doubt that the recent surge in iPhone usage is due to increasing personal wealth.

I realise, there’s a few things making Samsung phone accessories almost impossible to design.

  1. There so many f***ing Samsungs out there and they never look or feel the same.
  2. They change so much with every release that one can never plan.
  3. They are never supported in a coherent fashion and they are sunset or launched in the most erratic way possible.

Or so it seems to me.

But the phone accessory trend is not a trend anymore. Walk into any store and you’ll see this is beyond mainstream. So why is Samsung missing this? Is it because it will not make them money? Surely, one can see the mid-term game Apple is playing here. By associating itself with the most desirable in other categories, it becomes desirable on multiple levels, but also forever present in everybody’s life. Even if you own a Samsung, your bag, your friend’s forever-cooler phone case, the stores you go into will always remind you there’s an iPhone out there that could work better for you.

I need a funky Samsung case, a great mini-speaker designed for my Samsung and a place in &otherstories to shop for these. Otherwise, the only thing keeping me a Samsung user is my Google account.

Digital Strategist. The Internet will save the world (pending verification). Views expressed here are my own/should not be construed as coming from my employer.

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