The experience of banking as a service

  • make more information more transparent and more easily accessible
  • provide predictions and personalised advice on how to reduce the burden of the consumer in the relationship with the bank
  • provide education and transparent advice
  • provide digital tools that enable people to have access to their money faster and easier
  • while it may be hard, and people might not like it, try to genuinely understand what people’s financial profile and progress looks like. I really don’t get it how I still get emails asking me if I don’t want to invest with my own bank when clearly I have an active investment account with them. I also don’t get how they can’t figure it out that I am in the market for buying a house after I proactively did a mortgage calculation while LOGGED IN to their portal.
  • reduce rates for things that are now automated and where the initial investment has been covered
  • zero-rate transactions which you should NOT be charging for because there is no service involved
  • speak like you’re a service provider not someone better than your customers doing them a favor :)
  • and many more …



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Digital Strategist. The Internet will save the world (pending verification). Views expressed here are my own/should not be construed as coming from my employer.