What I read, listened to and watched — 13–14 (post-hiatus, Part 2)

2 min readJan 15, 2023

Rrrright. Last update was a pretty long one due to my long winter hols and the fact I really didn’t do much except watch TV and listen to podcasts.

To round it off, here’s my reading list from that same period and a few things I managed to sneak in since then.

Reading over Christmas, the bullet list

  • started in not finished Tim Marshall’s Prisoners of Geography; will finish soon enough as it’s an easy read and interesting
  • started and not finished Julia Child’s My Life in France; will finish when I have a bit of down time
  • started and gave up on Joyce Carol Oates’ Hazards of Time Travel; I simply cannot get on with JCO
  • read a few good articles in the LRB but the most histerycally funny one was about the founders of Stanford. You can probably find it in the LRB archive

Since then, however, a few new things which I will also mention in bullet list style since it’s a bit early for me to have formed an opinion and also because I’ve been very lazy this weekend and have failed to make any notes

  • Listening: Nobody Panic which is two lady comedians talking about how to be a functioning adult ( a skill I definitely need) + Normal Gossip; continuing with Death Panel, The Rest is Politics and Oh God what now?! + the Tennis Podcast which I am back on because the Australian Open is on, sadly minus one wonderful Alcaraz (which TBH has kindof ruined it for me)
  • Watching: finished all of The Loudest Voice, a documentary about Bernie Madoff on Netflix (please don’t ask me why, I think I am obsessed with the 2008 crisis as the most blatant example of humanity stupidly shooting itself in the face) and The Pale, Blue Eye with Christia Bale; the latter was quite a satisfying Friday watch; we also wanted To Leslie directed by Michael Morris and starring Andrea Riseborough and Marc Maron and it was glorious.

As I write this I have taken a break from watching Good Luck to you, Leo Grande which is fun and sweet but …well, not the greatest.

Hopefully next week this will go back to being something more coherent.




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