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  • alexandra todea

    alexandra todea

  • Cătălina Movileanu

    Cătălina Movileanu

    Problem solver, passionate about technology, astronomy, design thinking, and user experience. Excited to create technologies that will shape the future.

  • Schek Iuliana

    Schek Iuliana

  • Alina Chivu

    Alina Chivu

    Master's Degree in Communication - Hochschule Hannover. Deutsch&English/mix&match. Love coffee, books, chocolate, peaches, design, films and enumerations.

  • Cristina Mihaila

    Cristina Mihaila

    IBM-er, views are my own.

  • Alina Spoiala

    Alina Spoiala

    Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

  • Sabina Stoiciu

    Sabina Stoiciu

    Blogger. Travel addict. Amateur photographer. German speaker. Excited team member of @123ContactForm #business #socialmedia #ski #shopping

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